Alice, the new Korean science fiction drama you’ll love


Meet ‘Alice’, the new Korean drama starring actors Kim Hee Sun and Joo Won. This year has surprised lovers of Korean dramas, as new productions were released, with incredible casts and endearing stories, if you do not know what other series to watch, we have the solution for you.

‘Alice’ is the new K-drama of the television network SBS, the director in charge of the project is Baek Soo Chan, famous for leading series such as: ‘Reunited Worlds’,’ The Girl Who Can See Smells’ and ‘Beautiful Gong Shim ‘, the scriptwriter in charge is Kim Kyu Won.

The cast of the drama ‘Alice’ brings together great figures of Korean entertainment such as: Kim Hee Sun, Joo Won, Lee Da In, Ji Hyuk, Kwak Si Yang, Choi Won Young, Yeon Woo, Bae Hae Sun, Kim Kyung Nam and Kim Sun Ah.

Alice ’is Joo Woon’s first drama job after leaving Korean military service on February 5, so fans around the world are excited to see the beloved actor again.

Joo Woon will bring to life Detective Park Jin Gyum, a person of a cold but professional character who, when investigating a mysterious case, meets time travelers, these people teleport from the future to the past through ‘Alice’.

Detective Park Jin Gyum has a connection with Yoon Tae Yi, a character played by actress Kim Hee Sun, Tae Yi and Jin Gyum were a couple in their previous life, they try to find the answers to time travel.

The K-drama ‘Alice’ will premiere on August 28 at 10 P.M. Korean time, you can enjoy all the chapters of the mythical series through the famous official website of Viki.


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