Alibaba takes action to ease tensions with Trump


While the threat posed by US President Donald Trump to Chinese companies continues, Alibaba has taken action with the Trump administration to ease tensions. The firm’s CEO, Daniel Zhang, stated that their firm supports American brands, suppliers and small businesses as a policy.

Alibaba wants to melt the ice with the Trump administration

The information came in a statement that the trading giant would make a better-than-expected jump in its quarterly sales, the BBC reported. “Alibaba’s primary trading partner in the US is American retailers, farmers and small businesses,” Zhang told investors. We support all our partners to sell to key markets. ” He used his expressions. On the other hand, referring to the tension between Beijing and Washington government, the CEO said, “We closely follow the policies of the US government towards Chinese companies. We try to evaluate the situation by measuring it with its possible effects. We will take the necessary measures to comply with all regulations. ” He underlined that they are ready to show their tolerance.

The firm’s shares had increased 20 percent, as investors from around the world invested in technology companies during the Coronavirus outbreak. At the same time, the Hangzou-based firm announced that it increased its shares by 34 percent in the quarter ending in June.

Earlier this month, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo invited American tech firms to cut ties with Chinese companies, including Tencent, Alibaba and Badiu, as part of the ‘Clean Networks’ program launched by the Trump administration.

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