Alibaba Group’s Taobao Is Hacked And 1 Billion Data Is Stolen


Alibaba, one of the largest Chinese e-commerce groups, has been targeted by a hacker attack and nearly 1 billion customer data has been stolen. The information collected includes the consumer’s name, telephone number, comments, email and other private details.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the person responsible for collecting the data was a Chinese software developer who used a tracking tool on the Taobao website. Apparently, he had been scouring the platform since November 2019 and went months without being noticed.

The problem was reported by the website ‘’, which published a report of the criminal’s actions. Officially, the activity was noticed in July 2020 by Alibaba, which advised authorities. With the investigation, Chinese police arrested a developer and his employer, who were sentenced to three years in prison.

Fortunately, the data was not leaked onto the internet or shared with other companies. The news was confirmed today in the Wall Street Journal and, so far, no further information has been released about the case.


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