Alibaba Affiliated Ant Group Developed Blockchain Project


Ant Group, which is part of China’s giant name Alibaba, has launched a new blockchain project for the use of SMEs. The platform, named Trusple, will automatically create bilateral smart contracts on the blockchain base for both seller and buyer. The owner of the Trusple platform, Ant Group is also preparing for the world’s largest IPO.

Ant Group, the owner of many startups, including China’s leading mobile payment application Alipay, is now taking over the blockchain-based Trusple project. Businesses will be able to automatically create blockchain-based smart contracts by uploading their customers’ orders to the Trusple platform. Users will be able to carry out their activities faster and easier thanks to Trusple.

Trusple will allow small and medium-sized businesses and their customers to record their order transactions and payments on Antchain, Ant Group’s own blockchain network. Financial technology giant Ant Group, explaining that the name Trusple comes from the words “trust” (trust) and “simple” (simple); He emphasized that safe shopping in international trade is simplified.

Trusple has announced that it has already established partnerships with many giants, according to its official social media account. Huge banks, including BNP Paribas, Citibank, Deutsche Bank and Standard Chartered, shook hands with Trusple.

Ant Group Prepares For The World’s Largest Public Offering

The blockchain announcement made by Ant Group within Alibaba came just before the company’s major IPO expansion. Ant Group will provide billions of dollars’ worth of stocks to the Hong Kong and Shanghai stock exchanges. Ant Group plans to realize the largest public offering in the world with this move of 35 billion dollars. If things go as planned for Ant Group, Saudi Aramco’s IPO sales record of $ 29.4 billion will be broken last year.

Ant Group, which has been operating for 16 years, undertakes important works in the field of financial technologies in China and is also supported by China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba Group.


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