Alfonso Ribeiro, Carlton Banks of A Madman in the Piece


Known mainly for playing Carlton Banks in Um Maluco no Pedaço, Alfonso Ribeiro secured his space in Hollywood after the end of the comedy series. Let’s learn more about the actor’s career at #PorOndeAnda?

Resignation of the series “Crazy in the Piece”

Many do not know, but Ribeiro was fired after the pilot of Um Maluco no Pedaço. At the time, NBC vice president Warren Littlefield did not like Carlton Banks’ character or the way the actor interpreted him. He dismissed Ribeiro and ordered the paper to be rewritten and rescheduled.

The cast and crew spent the next six weeks of recording campaigning for the actor’s return. Fortunately, requests were granted and Ribeiro returned to be part of the series, giving us his famous little dances.

#PorOndeAnda: Alfonso Ribeiro

After the end of Um Maduco no Pedaço, in 1996, the actor spent a lot of time as a voice actor. Ribeiro was responsible for giving the voice to Randy Robertson in two episodes of Spider-Man: The Animated Series, and to Roland Jackson in Extreme Ghostbusters.

Later, the actor joined the cast of the sitcom In The House, starring LL Cool J as Marion Hill, a former football player who rents his spare rooms to a family after running out of money. In the series, Ribeiro played Dr. Maxwell Stanton from the 3rd season. The doctor helped Marion to manage the sports clinic of which the protagonist was the owner.

The actor also made guest appearances on Nickelodeon productions such as The Brothers Garcia and Big Time Rush, and the Disney Channel series, Shake It Up.

More recently, the eternal Carlton has worked in other areas of entertainment. Since 2015, Ribeiro has been presenter on ABC’s America’s Funniest Home Videos program.

He was also responsible for presenting the game show Catch 21 from 2008 to 2016. In 2019, the program gained a revival and remains on the air today with the name The New Catch 21.

Ribeiro also had a historic participation in Dancing With The Stars, winning the show in the 19th season with his dance partner, Witney Carson.

We must also remember that the actor was already responsible for directing dozens of episodes of the productions of which he was part.

Meeting of the cast of A Madman in the Piece

In November 2020, fans of Um Maduco no Pedaço were excited about the cast reunion. In the midst of so many important moments and exciting memories, everyone was eager to see how Alfonso Ribeiro and Janet Hubert would meet after some public fights between the two.

The meeting between the pair did not take place, and fans soon began to theorize that they were unable to resolve their differences. The good news is that the two actors stated that there is no heartache and that the meeting was not possible because Ribeiro had a recording of his program America’s Funniest Home Videos on the day.

So, did you already know all the projects that Alfonso Ribeiro had participated in since he left Um Maluco no Pedaço? If you want to see a celebrity on #PorOndeAnda, comment below your suggestion!


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