Alfie Templeman Shows Us The Latest London Music Venues in Outernet.


Earlier this year we saw the opening of Outernet London, a “media, music and culture district” located in the heart of the capital, at the corner of Oxford Street and Charing Cross Road. To celebrate the opening of the new space, we asked Bedfordshire artist Alfie Templeman to give us a tour of the Outernet ahead of his main show at one of their brand new venues, HERE. Watch the full video above.

Templeman takes us backstage, showing us “the best dressing room I’ve ever been in,” as well as two music venues on the site HERE and The Lower Third.

“I think such new platforms are great. Because it’s such a new place, it’s one of those things that people can say, ‘I saw this artist there at a very early stage, and it was a completely new place,'” Templeman says, adding: “It’s just a cool place.” to play because there’s so much going on and so much going on.”

One of the premises, The Lower Third, was built on the old site of the legendary bar club 12 Bar Club, an institution on Danish Street, where early concerts of Adele and The Libertines were held and which was closed in 2016. Outernet artistic director Leo Green, who showed Templeman around the hall, explains: “There have been so many historical performances here, from the days of punk to Amy [Winehouse]. This is such a historic room… [now] it’s the 21st century 12 Bar Club.”

“You can almost feel the spirit of everyone who’s been here,” Templeman agrees.

To learn more about Outernet, including their 2,000-seat space, HERE, watch the full tour video above.


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