Alfa Romeo Tonale in Turkey! Price and characteristics


Alfa Romeo has finally brought the Tonale model to our country, for which it held its global event in February last year. Mert Yildirim, automotive editor of ShiftDelete.Net, also monitored what was happening on the spot. Here are the characteristics and price of Alfa Romeo Tonaleā€¦

The characteristics and price of Alfa Romeo Tonale arriving in Turkey have been announced!

Alfa Romeo unveiled its first electric car at a global launch last February. This model, which has long been expected in our country, finally took place in Turkey. The participation of the SDN team should also be noted.

When we look at the design features of the car, we first see that it has a length of 4.53 m, a width of 1.84 m and a height of 1.6 m. In general, we can say that this vehicle with rounded lines has a sporty design.

When we look under the hood, we will see that it has 4 different engines, 1.3 (275 hp), 1.5 (130 hp and 160 hp), 1.6 and 2.0 (256 hp) and 2 different transmission options, 6- and 9-speed automatic. It should also be noted that the 1.3L engine comes with PHEV (plug-in hybrid) support, so it is more powerful than the 2.0L model.

PHEV type electric motors are equipped with 15.5 kW batteries. Thus, you can use the car only on electricity. But when fully loaded, it offers a power reserve of 60 kilometers, which is quite enough for the city. In addition, with 7.5kW charging support, you can fill from 0 to 100 in 2.5 hours.

In addition, when we look at the technological equipment of Tonale, in addition to features such as adaptive cruise control and emergency braking, you can additionally include Level 2 autonomous driving in the package. You can also control features like Apple CarPlay wireless and Android Auto from the 10.25-inch multimedia screen.


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