Alexis Neyers files for divorce from Evan Haynes after 10 years: we are “better co-parents than partners”


They go in different ways. Alexis Neyers and her husband Evan Haines have separated after more than a decade of marriage.

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A 31-year-old influential man filed for divorce from a 47-year-old Canadian businessman on Tuesday, August 9. “Ten years of marriage and 11 years of living together have been a great success, and we’re really raising each other well,” Neyers, who shares Harper’s daughters, said. and Dakota, with Haines, told Us Weekly exclusively in a statement before filing.

She added: “I don’t think any of us wanted to get divorced or break up, but it just happened. Again, I love Evan very much, and we may be better parents than partners.”

The Los Angeles native, who married Haines in Mexico in April 2012, is best known for her infamous participation in “The Bling Ring.” A group of teenagers, which included Neyers, Rachel Lee, Nick Prugo, Courtney Ames and Diana Tamayo, made headlines for stealing about $3 million in cash and belongings from Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom, Megan Fox and others from 2008 to 2009. .

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After her arrest in 2010, Neyers later agreed not to contest the burglary, and in May of that year she was sentenced to 180 days in prison. However, she was released after 30 days behind bars, and also given three years of probation and ordered to pay compensation in the amount of $ 600,000 to 45-year-old Bloom.

Six months after her release in 2010, the Pretty Wild graduate was arrested again for heroin possession and a fake Florida driver’s license after she failed to contact her probation officer. After he pleaded not guilty to possession of a controlled substance and illegal possession of a smoking device, a California resident was sentenced to a one-year stay in a rehabilitation center. In 2011, while spending time at the SOBA Rehabilitation Center in Malibu, California, she met Haines, who co-founded the Alo House Rehabilitation Center.

In September 2021, the former E! The star revealed that she and Haynes were in an open marriage and that she was dating the ex-girlfriend of the graduate of the series “The Real Housewives of Orange County” Brownwyn Wyndham-Burke, Chris.

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“Probably many of you weren’t around, but [I’m] married to Evan. Stay married to Evan,” explained the host of the podcast “Recovery from Reality” through her Instagram stories after receiving numerous messages from fans who doubted her relationship status with Haines.

“Evan and my marriage are safe. We are so happy together, and I am grateful that I have a partner who loves me unconditionally and agrees that I own my sexuality as a queer woman,” Neyers also told OK! The magazine of that time. “The kids are happy and have always known that I identify as bisexual.”

She added: “As for Chris, we started talking in May, and at that time it didn’t fit. We continued to communicate for the next few months as friends, and then she invited me to dinner to explore our relationship more deeply. I agreed, and we had a good connection. We also have an open relationship, although at the moment I’m not dating anyone other than her, because I want to find out what it might lead to.”

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