Alexia Mori: victim of an attempted kidnapping, she tells!


You probably remember those moments in your childhood when your parents asked you to hold their hand. Especially when there was a crowd. No doubt you were executing yourself by being grumpy, or just not doing it. Alexia Mori is part of this second category. The young mother remembers it as if it were yesterday. Especially since the time she did not want to give his hand to his mother, she was the victim of an attempted kidnapping.

Yes, you read correctly. Alexia Mori was nearly kidnapped at the age of 8 while on vacation with her parents. The young woman told the whole story on her Instagram account. It seems that everything happened yesterday, so much she talks about it with all the details. Yet this is over 20 years old now.

It was when Alexia Mori and her family were in Egypt that she was the victim of an attempted abduction. She says, in the first place: “We were in a souk, I did not want to give a hand to my mother. I was walking beside her, it was crowded with people ยป

Like what, when parents ask their children to give them their hand, it’s not just to annoy them, quite the contrary. Alexia Mori knows it so well now. Indeed, the young mother continues her story by announcing that a man was coming to her:

“And suddenly, a man comes in front of me, walking fast. He grabs my forearm and pulls me. My mother does not see me. I walk backwards, he holds my arm. I’m slow to realize that I’m getting kidnapped. ” Fortunately, despite her young age, Alexia Mori already had good reflexes.

Because in the rest of her story, Alexia Mori says that by realizing that “something was wrong”, she then gives a “kick in the shin” of his kidnapper. The man, panicked in his turn, the coward and let go. The little girl was able to find her mother and keep a good lesson: “I can tell you that after that, I did not moan to give the hand! “


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