Alexandra Daddario Turned Her Tropical Swimsuit Into a Cute Photo Shoot Without a Bikini


The star of “Rescuers of Malibu” and “White Lotus” Alexandra Daddario understands the value of a serious post on social networks. He recently talked about the infamous bikini scene that was included in the first season of “White Lotus,” which you can watch on an HBO Max subscription. And she liked to be “cheeky” with her Instagram followers when she gave them a glimpse into her glamorous life. Her latest post goes beyond the expected bikini shots, and now Daddario is skinny-dipping in a gorgeous vacation spot with a killer caption to boot.

Alexandra Daddario made sure that the person who took these photos had a well-placed thumb so that she could share her opinion. And the scenery is really exciting. We’re also going to assume that this place is pretty isolated, because while Daddario has been candid about her nude scenes on screen, something tells us she’s not hanging out in an infinity pool in her birthday suit if there are a dozen viewers. ready to shoot paparazzi photos. Here are the photos Daddario shared from her vacation posted on her Instagram.

 What we like most about Alexandra Daddario’s posts like this is that the actress usually finds a way to use her sharp sense of humor in messages, and this is where we turn to the caption she chose to accompany her nude bathing photos. “Take a break from your problems, Bob” is a wonderful reference to Bill Murray’s classic comedy “What about Bob?”. The film shows a therapist (Richard Dreyfus) trying to go on a family vacation, but he is being pursued by a very practical patient (Murray). It doesn’t always show up when people talk about Bill Murray’s best performances, so the fact that Daddario mentioned it in this caption shows what a movie buff she is at heart.

Despite the fact that “White Lotus” has just concluded the second season, leaving us with a few questions about the fate of some key characters, conversations are still swirling around several scenes from the first season. Alexandra Daddario hilariously recreated an awkward bikini scene from the first season when she bumped into co-star Sydney Sweeney at a Louboutin dinner. And Daddario, as you know, from time to time shared pictures in a bikini while on vacation with her husband Andrew Form.

Alexandra Daddario has been relatively quiet, from a professional point of view, since she worked on The White Lotus, but she has two upcoming projects that we will be following. She has a role in the feature film “I Wish you All the Best” starring Cole Sprouse. And she will play the main role in the upcoming Anne Rice television series “The Witches of Mayfair.” Here’s the latest information we have on this show, and be sure to check out our updated list of TV premiere dates for 2023 to find out when Daddario’s program (and any other show) will return.


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