Alexandra Daddario gets cocky in a new mirror image photo from Paris


Alexandra Daddario has been spending time in the City of Lights lately, and she has shared posts from the Eiffel Tower to the infamous Pont des Arts Bridge in Paris. One post that drew extra attention is that the actress seemingly shared a harmless selfie that got a little cheeky thanks to her mirror image in the background.

No one does social media like Alexandra Daddario, whether she saves turtles in the middle of the road or brags about the “view” from the bathroom at home. To me, her travel photos are some of her best, and while the Malibu Lifeguard star is playing with the lighting in what appears to be her Paris hotel room, she also shared her naked reflection in the mirror behind her.

It’s nice to see that a celebrity doesn’t take himself too seriously, and that’s something the “White Lotus” star has historically done well. In the second joking post about her trip to Instagram, the actress took several photos at the Palace of Versailles and joked: “Why are there so many people in my house?”

While the actress is in the middle of working on Mayfair Witches, a TV series that definitely takes place in the US and is based on the popular Anne Rice book series, it looks like she was in France last week to take part in Paris Fashion. A week. Photographers caught her on the street in Paris at Dior at the end of last month and at an event dedicated to the spring-summer women’s clothing line of this brand. Of course, she also shared her photos from that trip.

One thing is for sure: Daddario was definitely working on her French… something she’s been doing at least since Percy Jackson. (The post below means “Every day I eat snails at 3 p.m.”.)

It should be noted that last year she was a bit of an itinerant villain after she also married her partner Andrew Form in a Disney princess-style dress. They got married in New Orleans, and then went on a trip together earlier this year. Perhaps soon we will see how the couple will go on a trip abroad. After all, now we know that Daddario’s French is getting pretty good.



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