Alexandra Breckenridge from Virgin River explains why revealing the Season 4 finale was great for Mel, but not so much for Jack


Warning! SPOILERS for the fourth season finale of Virgin River! Go sit down with your sewing circle and come back the one you caught up with!

It’s been an exciting few days for fans of the popular romantic drama “Virgin River,” as season 4 finally debuted last week as part of Netflix’s 2022 TV schedule. While the end of the 3rd season of “Virgin River” made viewers think about several cliffhangers, one of them was the central couple Mel and Jack, and who was the father of her child. Now the image of Mel, Alexandra Breckenridge, has talked about why a big baby is revealed in the finale of the 4th season of “Virgin River”, which is great for Mel, but not so good for Jack.

What did Alexandra Breckenridge from Virgin River say about revealing the baby in season 4?

So, as we all know, Mel made a rather impulsive act in the third season of “Virgin River” after she and Jack broke up, going to Los Angeles and implanting one of the embryos that she and her husband Mark had frozen before. his death. At the end of this season, Mel had to tell Jack, who was trying to propose, that she was pregnant and that the baby might not be his.

Well, in the Season 4 finale, they get confirmation that Jack is actually the father of Mel’s baby, and Alexandra Breckenridge recently told TV Line what she thinks about this storyline and how it influenced her thoughts on Jack’s other big storyline.:

[Mel] really doesn’t want to have Mark’s baby. She is moving forward and must leave this part of her life behind. I was hunting for this storyline. I was adamant that it shouldn’t be Mark’s baby.… I also said: “I think Charmain’s [Jack’s] kids are absolutely absurd too. I got my wishes at the end of the season because that wasn’t the plan for a minute. I think they planned to force them to go in a different direction. I thought: “You’re all crazy!”

Breckenridge cites two really good points here, right? One of the reasons Mel and Jack broke up in the third season is that Mel really wanted to try to have a baby again, despite past problems related to pregnancy and carrying a pregnancy with Mark. But, of course, Jack was already stressed out from trying to deal with twins from the increasingly problematic Charmaine, and he told Mel that he just wasn’t ready to be a father many times from two different women at the same time. Which, you know, was perfectly true for Jack.

One of the things I was really excited to see in season 4 of Virgin River was that Charmaine lost her full and whole mind when she found out Mel was pregnant. Although it didn’t happen, we get Charmain at the peak of excitement when she starts giving birth to her twins, Mel and Jack arrive to help her, and she finally realizes the fact that Jack is not the father of her children! And while it seems like it’s going to be a giant victory for both Mel and Jack (considering how incredibly difficult Charmaine was), Breckenridge notes that things probably won’t be that easy for Jack.:

Betrayal on such a massive scale must be accompanied by anger and pain. He invested himself emotionally, mentally and financially in the birth of these children. He was really loyal. I think it’s going to be hard for Jack to let it go.

It’s hard, really! Fortunately, the Virgin River series has already been renewed for a 5th season and is due to appear on Netflix next year, which means we’ll probably see the consequences of that emotional baby reveal for Jack when the show returns.


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