Alexander Ludwig too cute with a fan suffering from cancer!


Vikings actor Alexander Ludwig posted an adorable video of a fan on his Instagram account that touched internet users.

Alexander Ludwig is very active on social networks. And especially on Instagram. But this Thursday, February 18, the Vikings actor gave a very moving surprise to one of his fans.

Indeed, the Vikings series has been around since 2013. But it was at the end of season 2 that Alexander Ludwig made his appearance. And that didn’t stop him from remaining in the cast until Season 6.

But he and fans grew fond of his character. This allowed him to stay for 5 more seasons.

Season 6 is in full swing right now. The episodes are very eventful and promise an epic ending. This is why fans are following the series like never before. And it was Alexander Ludwig who witnessed it.

In a video posted to his Instagram account two weeks ago, the actor was at a restaurant when he overheard a couple getting angry.

And by listening to them, the actor understood that they were arguing about Vikings. Witness of the situation, he took out his phone to film the scene. And it’s hilarious.

He then explained that he waited for the couple to calm down before talking to them and thanking them for being fans of the show too. “They made my day a new one,” he then commented on the social network.

Vikings fans are everywhere and Alexander Ludwig seems very close to them. That’s why he decided to send a very special video to someone.


Indeed, season 6 of Vikings has just landed on our screens. And it breaks all audience records. Mainly because it’s the last in the series.

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Alexander Ludwig: his statement to his wife Lauren!

Alexander Ludwig has experienced a meteoric rise since Vikings. And also being very present on Instagram, he has more than 3.5 million subscribers. But the success has not made him lose his mind.

That’s right, the actor keeps his feet on the ground. He enjoys sharing selfies and photos of his wife. But to stay close to his community, he doesn’t hesitate to send personalized messages. As is the case with Jen.

In fact, a friend of the actor showed him a video of Jen, an American internet user and fan of the series. A video in which she explains having conquered his cancer.

Alexander Ludwig didn’t wait a second to send his a one-minute video congratulating his and telling his how brave she is.

A very touching message that brought tears to the eyes of the mother. But also to Internet users who were quick to comment under the Instagram post.

Some thank the actor for his kindness and others share their similar story. But one thing is certain, the Vikings actor has his heart set on his feet.


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