Alexander Ludwig: his statement to his wife Lauren!


Vikings actor Alexander Ludwig makes an adorable statement to his wife Lauren and makes internet users fall in love. We tell you everything.

Vikings actor Alexander Ludwig makes an adorable declaration of love for his wife on social media!

He is one of the most iconic characters in the famous Vikings series. The 28-year-old from Canada played the role of Bjorn.

Who is none other than the son of the hero of the first seasons, Ragnar Lothbrok. So it was in 2014 that he joined the cast of Michael Hirst’s series.

And he will be one of the characters that we will see evolve over the seasons. At the end of Season 6, the character of Alexander Ludwig will die as a result of his wounds inflicted by his own brother, Ivar.

He will indeed take his last breath at the start of the battle of episode 11 of this final season. But Bjorn was entitled to a death worthy of his character. Death in battle, he will therefore go to Valhalla, the paradise of Vikings! His character will therefore have marked the famous historical series until its end.

On the private side, Alexander Ludwig is a married and happy man. In fact, at the start of 2021, the young man put the ring on the finger of his lover, Lauren Dear.

The two lovebirds have sealed their union in the greatest secrecy. The announcement of their marriage had surprised many people. Starting with his fans!

Alexander Ludwig (Vikings): his adorable statement to his wife Lauren!

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Alexander Ludwig is therefore far from a heartless warrior. Indeed, the young actor of Vikings lives a beautiful romance with Lauren Dear.

While in September 2020 he formalized his relationship with the young woman, a few months later the two lovers said yes for life! Canadian too, the pretty brunette is far from the world of cinema.

For the past few weeks, fans of the actor have therefore been able to discover the married life of their favorite actor. The two spouses no longer hide and show their love on social networks.

For Valentine’s Day, Alexander Ludwig and Lauren Dear posted pictures of each other on their Instagram account. Also accompanying their pictures with adorable declarations of love, to say the least original!

Alexander Ludwig therefore publishes a series of photos of his sweetheart, writing: “Happy Halloween! Not much has happened this year. “We first see the young woman in sports clothes by a lake.

Then another photo where she is in bed with their dog. And finally a photo of what seems to be their wedding since the young woman is in a white dress and he is in a suit. Class!

Lauren Dean for her part remains in the same vein as her husband. “Happy Easter Yam @ Roo” writes the young woman in the caption of a cute photo of the Vikings actor.

It was therefore with great humor that the young lovers wished each other a happy Valentine’s Day! We love.


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