Alexa will now be able to control the risk of carrying viruses!


The outbreak of the corona virus (covid-19) appears to continue to increase. It is seen that there are many cases around the world and death rates increase. The outbreak is expected to continue for a while. In this period, people who feel sick and have question marks in their heads will be able to get help from Amazon Alexa.

Alexa will give information about corona virus
Alexa is a virtual assistant who always tries to make life easier and support her users. Artificially assistant will try to help its users during the difficult epidemic.

In particular, it is known that going to hospitals poses a great risk for the virus. Therefore, people may not want to go out and risk seeing a doctor, even though they may experience some symptoms in themselves. It is now possible to consult Alexa if there is a risk of virus transmission before testing outside.

“What should I do if I think I have a Corona virus?” or “What can I do if I have covid-19?” When asked questions in the style of artificial intelligence will automatically make a rapid risk assessment.

He will conduct a general situation assessment from his travel history to symptoms. Based on the information created according to the guidance of the Disease Prevention Center, it will compare the data from the individuals with the information of official health institutions and make recommendations. The feature is currently only available in America and Japan. Of course, it is also worth noting to rely entirely on this practice.

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