Alexa will get customized version for cars


On Friday (15), Amazon presented a new technological solution that will allow automakers to develop customized voice assistants with their brands, using Alexa’s artificial intelligence.

Entitled Alexa Custom Assistant, the tool offers automakers the possibility of using all the technological potential of the virtual assistant to create exclusive resources and alerts for use in cars, according to the needs of these companies’ customers.

According to the retail giant, the novelty is a service of “simultaneous multi-assistance cooperation”, that is, it may work together with Alexa itself. In this case, the automotive brand assistant would be responsible for the functions related to the vehicle, acting in situations such as opening the window, activating the air conditioning or solving a problem, for example, requested by voice command.

On the other hand, Amazon’s virtual assistant would come into action when car occupants requested tasks that she is normally associated with on a daily basis, such as playing a song, checking traffic and weather information, sending notifications, setting timers, etc.

Fiat is the first to use the novelty

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) will be the first automaker to use Amazon’s new solution integrated into its vehicles. According to the company’s director of operations Mark Stewart, the tool will add “new smart experiences” to the latest version of the Uconnect multimedia center, on some models.

But according to Jeff Bezos’ company, Alexa Custom Assistant is not just for the automotive market. It will also serve the consumer electronics, video games, mobile applications and smart properties segments, developing personalized experiences in each one.

The novelty is now available in all countries in which Alexa is supported, including Brazil. However, the company did not give further information on the costs and use of the tool.