Alexa talks about Burnout Syndrome this Tuesday


This Tuesday (9), Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, brings information about Burnout Syndrome, which, according to data from ISMA BR (International Stress Management Association BR), reaches 32% of Brazilians in the market of work.

The initiative, the result of a partnership with the Brazilian Psychiatric Association (ABP), seeks to encourage the public to pay attention to symptoms and, if necessary, to seek help, since, according to ISMA BR, 72% of those who work in the country suffer from some sequel caused by stress – and nine out of 10 people with the syndrome continue to work and do not seek any treatment.

Antônio Geraldo Silva, president of ABP, explains the scenario of the disorder in the national territory: “A large part of the population suffers from Burnout, but most do not realize – because they are unaware of its variety of symptoms – or do not treat it – out of shame or fear of reaction of the employer. ”

Therefore, paying attention to this problem, on the 9th, when receiving the question “How are you?”, Alexa will respond with diversified content regarding the condition, including using a different tone of voice.

Symptoms and recommendations

With the change in routine and the home office due to the covid-19 pandemic, almost a year ago, many Brazilians may have Burnout Syndrome and do not know it. “If not treated properly, the syndrome can lead to worsening mental illnesses such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and other conditions, which depend on early intervention”, warns Antônio Geraldo.

Feeling of physical and emotional exhaustion that are reflected in negative attitudes, such as absence from work, aggression, isolation, sudden changes in mood, irritability, difficulty concentrating, memory lapses, pessimism and low self-esteem, in addition to headaches, migraines, tiredness, sweating, palpitation, high blood pressure, muscle pain, insomnia, asthma attacks and gastrointestinal disorders, are among the manifestations, which can vary in degree and intensity.


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