AleXa Signs a Contract With United Talent Agency to Release a New Mini-album in November


Korean-American singer AleXa has signed a contract with the California United Talent Agency (UTA) and is going to release a new mini-album next month.

Earlier today (October 20), Billboard reported that AleXa has signed a contract with UTA for representation in all aspects, including areas other than music, such as television, cinema and licensing. However, the publication explained that the K-pop idol’s existing contract with her Korean label ZB Label is still valid.

Following her partnership with UTA, Billboard also announced that Alexa has a new mini-album in the works. The release is scheduled for November 10, the singer will release a preliminary single for the album called “Back in Vogue”. The song was written in collaboration with several members of the creative team who worked with Alexa on her performance of “Wonderland”, which won the American Song Contest.

Among the merits of “Back to Vogue” is Sunshine from EKKO Music as a co—author and co-producer, and the choreography for the new track was created by Paul and Geri from House of Sam studio from Los Angeles. Details about the exact release date of the new track have not yet been provided by UTA or ZB Label at the time of publication.

According to Billboard, a preview of the upcoming EP was performed by Alexa herself during the opening of her ongoing “First Meet & Live Tour” across the US in New Jersey on October 18. The next stop of the tour will be San Juan. Tonight (October 20), before the tour ends with a concert in Los Angeles on October 30.

Speaking about their new partnership with AleXa and ZB Label, UTA music agent Janet Kim and co—head of the international music department David Zenek told Billboard: “AleXa is a talented artist whose ability to engage her audience is second to none. We are excited to collaborate with her and the Zanybros [parent company of ZB Label] team to create innovative ideas across multiple platforms that will help take AleXa to the next level.”

Alexa also talked to the publication about the upcoming release of “Back to Vogue” and the subsequent EP: “I hope to demonstrate a new, violent image with this concept. With its musical elements, I feel at home and in my comfort zone. ‘Back in Vogue’ is an exciting step forward and I can’t wait for my fans to enjoy the show.”


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