Alexa Routines arrive on Fire TV in Spain: What are they


Today, the key to many services, platforms and devices is to anticipate the taste of customers and users. Today, Amazon has announced some new features that aim to improve the customer experience of its Fire TV device. This is the new “Live” section and the expansion of Alexa routines to Fire TV devices with a focus on the entertainment experience. Let’s see both in detail:

Alexa Routines

Already in Spain, from today you can use the so-called ‘Alexa routines’, an AI assistant functionality designed to facilitate daily life by combining the functions of Alexa and smart home. With the Alexa app, customers can c, open a specific app, play one-time content, and pause or resume content, in addition to other actions available on Alexa-enabled smart devices.

For example, customers can create an Alexa Routine so that when someone at home says “Alexa, I’m going to eat something,” Alexa will stop the content on their Fire TV and turn on their smart lights. Customers can also create a routine so that when someone says “Alexa, I’m back”, Alexa can say “OK – let’s go back to the program”, turn off the smart lights and resume playing content.

Customers can also create more complex routines, for example: so that when they say “Alexa, bedtime”, Alexa turns on the smart lights, turns off her TV, announces “Attention everyone – it’s time to sleep” on all of their enabled devices. Alexa at home, start dimming your smart lights to turn them off completely after 15 minutes, and set an alarm at 7 a.m.

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New Section ‘Live’

Another thing that we have known today is the new section “Live”, which is included in the top navigation menu of all Fire TV devices. With this functionality, Amazon customers will have access to new applications and live television content in a much easier way. They will also be able to quickly navigate and access the content they subscribe to, manage live TV settings, access the built-in channel guide, find and download new apps, and more.

The “Live” section offers customers a single section, centralizing access to all live OTT services, live television channels, and other TV applications. The main third-party OTT providers will appear in the ‘Live’ tab, highlighting the channels already available from RTVE and Atresplayer.

The ‘Live’ tab will begin to be accessible to customers from today and will be available on all Fire TV devices in Spain over the next few days.


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