Alexa invites Elza Soares for tribute on Women’s Day


Today, International Women’s Day, Alexa invited one of the greatest Brazilian symbols of the fight against racism and gender violence, the singer Elza Soares. To have access to the artist’s surprise, just say the routine “Good morning, Alexa”.

During the month of March, Amazon’s artificial intelligence will pay homage to different personalities that have marked the history of women’s struggle for equality. By asking “Alexa, how are you?”, Users will be able to hear a series of inspiring stories from the feminist movement in Brazil and around the world.

Among the names mentioned are writer Clarice Lispector, cangaceira Maria Bonita, environmental activist Greta Thunberg and Shidzue Katô, the first woman elected to the Japanese parliament.

Users who are interested can ask about the date. Just ask “Alexa, what is the origin of International Women’s Day?”. The device will also recall important milestones, such as the creation of the Feminicide Law and the Suffragist March.


In honor of International Women’s Day, the artist released last Friday (8) the song “Nós”. “There is a gift for our day. We women, strong, united, hand in hand, are there. We still need to fight hard and we will fight “, commented the singer.


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