Alexa Gets Special Commands For Valentine’s Day


Alexa: In honor of Valentine’s Day, which takes place this Saturday (12), Amazon announced that its virtual assistant, Alexa, has gained new commands. With this, users can take advantage of her “good mood” to break the ice with the crush.

Known for her jokes, Alexa intends to live up to the reputation earned once again. Romanticism, however, could not be left out of this equation. So, to set the perfect mood, the assistant was given a playlist dedicated to love, which can be accessed through Amazon Music. To activate it, just say “Alexa, play Valentine’s Day music”.

If you prefer something more inspiring, you can also ask the device to recite poems, saying “Alexa, recite a poem of Love”. The assistant also has some lines up her sleeve, which can be accessed using the command “Alexa, open Xavecando”.

Other commands

In addition to these skills, Alexa has other skills that can be useful on this date. Check out some examples below:

“Alexa, remind me to buy a present at 4:00”;
“Alexa, tell me about Valentine’s Day in history”;
“Alexa, sing the “Love Song”;
“Alexa, wake me up with music”;
“Alexa, Open Harmonization with Wines”;
“Alexa, order
(say the name of the gift)”;
“Alexa, search price of (say name of gift)”;
“Alexa, Show Romantic Comedies” (requires Echo Show);
“Alexa, call (say the name of the crush)”;
“Alexa, how do you say I love you in French?”.

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