Alexa Gets New Interaction Commands for Children’s Day


Alexa: Amazon’s artificial intelligence platform will help celebrate Children’s Day this Tuesday, October 12th. From the Alexa personal assistant, it is possible to entertain and educate the younger audience with new or existing commands focused on children.

The main new feature of the year is an interactive treasure hunt game. In fun, you need to help Captain Stick Leg to find the hidden riches through a series of questions and answers. To start playing, just say “Alexa, open treasure hunt quiz” to a compatible device, such as an Amazon Echo family speaker.

A new song has also been added to the platform’s collection, with various sound effects. To activate it, you need to say “Alexa, sing the children’s song”.

Musician and storyteller Cris Gouveia also gained space on the date. He will participate in three sung stories, including one in a duet with the digital assistant. The commands to access the contents, available from October 12th, are “Alexa, tell the story of the little round house”, “Alexa, sing the Cordel do Tongo Tongo” and “Alexa, music from the weathervane”.

Endless fun

Below, check out some more interactions suggested by Amazon for the use of the platform by children.

“Alexa, child mode”
“Alexa, tell me a story”
“Alexa, imitate SpongeBob”
“Alexa, imitate Marcos Mion”
“Alexa, open Pintadinha Chicken”
“Alexa, open Turma da Mônica”
“Alexa, play the Treasure Hunt quiz”
“Alexa, play Jurassic World challenge”
“Alexa, animal sounds”
“Alexa, imitate Scooby Doo”
“Alexa, imitate Donald Duck”
“Alexa, imitate the Smudge”
“Alexa, laugh”
“Alexa, let out a burp”


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