Alexa Dellanos Impressed Fans With A Velvet Dress On Instagram


Alexa Dellanos manages to keep track of her followers. Cuban-American Instagram model Alexa Dellanos shares every moment with about 1.5 million fans. Today her shares incredible photo.

The model was wearing a very light green velvet mini dress that made her chest look generous. This model also puts her legs on the full screen thanks to her mini dress.

Alexa completes her look with a gold bracelet, a bag with chain straps and an elegant gold necklace. She gathered her blond hair with a tight ponytail. The model also did a complete makeover to give it an attractive look.

Model posed for picture while sitting on a couch against the backdrop of the mirror. According to the geographic label, it was filmed in Los Angeles, California. She explained that the subtitled outfit is from Fashion Nova, the online clothing brand where the model works as a brand ambassador.

In less than 12 hours, the picture garnered more than 53,000 acclaims, and more than 623 comments that fans and followers openly praised hottie for.

Before publishing her latest photo, Alexa shared a warm and close photo in a pinkish-mauve outfit. She was dressed with a gold necklace and looked directly at the camera to pose.

In less than a day, more than 40,000 likes were received and over 515 comments were made; Alexa is very popular on Instagram, and fans are eagerly waiting for the model to post new, sexy pictures every week.

Alexa added that her career as a social media model was very profitable and she earned $ 63,500 a year for her stifling Instagram photos.

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The model also said that initially she wanted to be a journalist like her sister Myrka Dellanos, but decided that journalism against the profession was not very monetizing.

You can follow her Instagram.

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