Alexa Dellanos Drops Her Robe And Teaches That She Sleeps… Without pajamas!


From the bed! Alexa Dellanos drops her robe and teaches that she sleeps … Without pajamas! Alexa Dellanos is dedicated to adding more followers for Instagram.

Alexa Dellanos has left behind all the controversy that arose months ago around the touch-ups he made to her body to have the figure she has today. With the support of her mother, Myrka Dellanos, she turned the page and now consolidates on Instagram.

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A little glam moment ✨

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The North American model is concentrated in all the projects that have arisen due to the success of its account in the social network of the polaroid, where it is consolidated with more than 1.6 million followers, as one of the favorites of the public.

Dellanos has based her popularity on the short attire she uses to show off her steel legs, her flat abdomen or her great rear.

Days ago the 23-year-old celebrity decided to reward the loyalty of her fans by teaching her what she wears for sleep: a lace lingerie that only covers the essentials and highlights her neckline.

The publication of Alexa already exceeds 70 thousand likes and among a room decorated entirely of pink, the influencer commented an angel emoji, indicating that that was hardly her good facet, so she intrigued everyone about how her other side will be.

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