Alexa celebrates Easter bringing the origin


Easter happens this Sunday (4), and Alexa is already in the mood and ready to tell the story of the traditional religious holiday, one of the most important for Christians and full of symbolism.

Using special voice commands, Amazon’s virtual assistant can tell you about the origin of the Easter rabbit, one of the main symbols of the date, in addition to revealing who raised it, how old it is and where your home is, among other information fun and curious.

On Easter Sunday, it’s time to ask “Alexa, how is Easter in other countries?” and “Alexa, tell me a curiosity about Easter”, to find out how the celebration takes place in other places and to check out more information about the date.

You can also use Amazon’s artificial intelligence to connect with family and friends during the holiday, maintaining the necessary social distance in this pandemic period of the new coronavirus. Just trigger the voice call in the Alexa app or the video call if you have an Echo Show (the other user also needs the device).

Alexa commands for Easter

Check out other Alexa voice commands for Easter, which can be used in the assistant app, Amazon Echo, Fire TV Stick line and other devices integrated with the tool:

“Alexa, where does the Easter bunny live?”
“Alexa, how old is the Easter rabbit?”
“Alexa, what is the origin of the Easter rabbit?”
“Alexa, does the Easter Bunny exist?”
“Alexa, when the Easter bunny arrives”
“Alexa, how can I see the Easter bunny”
“Alexa, who’s the Easter bunny?”
“Alexa, when is Easter?”
“Alexa, how many hours until Easter?”
“Alexa, how much time is left for Easter?”
“Alexa, tell an Easter joke”
“Alexa, make a call to Grandma”


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