Alexa Becomes Tokyo Olympics Specialist With new commands


Alexa: Anyone who has Alexa at home knows how this “girl” loves to participate in all family matters, whether giving information and messages, or even telling jokes or waking us up with a kind phrase. Now, with the Tokyo Games approaching from July 23rd to August 8th, the virtual assistant is becoming an Olympics expert.

But this “fan mode” won’t be limited to rooting for Brazil (of course!) and talking about our athletes. Alexa will actively participate in conversations, chats and celebrations, in addition to providing complete information and trivia about the modalities of Olympic games and athletes.

The novelty is already available from this Wednesday (23). Just ask, for example: “Alexa, how many days are left until the Olympics?”, and she will count towards the beginning of the games and still bring a different story every day. The command “Alexa, Olympic curiosities in Brazil” gives information about the games in which we will participate.

Alexa, where is the VAR?

In addition to knowing everything about the biggest sporting event on the planet, Alexa will challenge the whole family to find out more about the Olympic Games. Just ask: “Alexa, open Olympic quiz”. And, at the official opening ceremony at the Tokyo Olympic Stadium, Alexa promises to sing an original song from the games, if the fans ask: “Alexa, song from the Olympics”.

The big news at Alexa, however, is an improvement in the discussions characteristic of football, which allowed the arrival of his personal version of the VAR, VARlexa, which is able to clarify doubts about penalty kicks, offsides, hand-on-the-ball rules or ball in hand, among other infractions. Just ask, “Alexa, where’s the VAR?” or “Alexa, I want the VAR”.


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