Alexa and Carlos PenaVega want a fourth child: “The world needs more children”


The more the better! Alexa PenaVega and Carlos PenaVega have three children, and both are ready to welcome a fourth in the future.

When an Instagram user asked the 33-year-old actress on Sunday, April 3, “if she and the 32-year-old Big Time Rush contestant are struggling with the idea of having more” babies, the “Spy Kids” star replied, “No.”

The Florida native, who is already the mother of 5-year-old Ocean, 2-year-old Kingston and 10-month-old Rio, explained: “The world needs more children who can be a light for others.”

Alexa then told another of her followers that she was “losing patience” as a mother, noting that she was “absolutely being checked” by her children.

“Especially last week,” the Ruby & the Rockits graduate wrote during a Q&A on Instagram Story. “We live on a boat during repairs. It’s stressful for everyone. Trivia is included. I’d like to say no, I’m not losing it. Or I’m always collected, but the truth is that I get upset. I have moments for which I must apologize. I’ve always had a calmer approach to things in general, so what I’m losing may not look so bad, but it’s what my heart feels, which I don’t like in stressful moments.”

In June 2021, the Sleepover star revealed that she and the Missouri native have “no help” raising Ocean, Kingston and Rio.

“There are days when I definitely wish I had done it,” the Dancing with the Stars graduate wrote on Instagram Stories at the time. “We will cook, we will clean, we will look after the children, we will work, we will do all this all day, but we completely feel guilty when we do something for ourselves, which is stupid, because we know it’s stupid. But we are working on it.”

On Sunday, the Picture Perfect Mysteries star spoke in more detail about their daily routine, telling one of her subscribers that she and Carlos “really don’t have” a housekeeper.

“Don’t get me wrong, it sounds amazing. But I want our children to see how we take care of our things,” explained the Hallmark star. “Teach them to clean up their mess and not rely on anyone else. As they get older, they become more useful. It’s just a waiting game. Soon we will have three little helpers!”