Alexa allows you to share routines through links


On Thursday (17), Amazon launched Alexa’s shareable routines. Now, a user will be able to create a routine and share it with friends, relatives and followers, through a link generated in the application itself. The feature is especially useful for people of the same family, friends and followers of digital influencers, who have the same or similar tasks in their daily lives.

Until recently, the user would have to create a routine from scratch, configuring all related activities. From now on, it is possible to adhere to another user’s routine, and configure only the information about personal data and specific tasks, directed to the own devices that the individual has at home.

This makes it much easier to create routes for people who will have a series of similar activities to perform, such as a group of employees who start working at the same time, for example.

How to share an Alexa routine

Enter the Alexa application, select any routine and click share. You will be able to copy and share the routine via email, social networking applications or copy the link to paste into another app of your choice.

To set up a routine that was shared with you, just click on the link and follow the instructions on the device screen. The options with yellow text have fields with extra settings, related to the devices you use in conjunction with the assistant and personal data, such as name, age, among others.

The feature is being launched just two months after Google announced that it would allow smart device manufacturers equipped with its virtual assistant to create and share their routines with users, containing tasks related to partner brand products.

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To usher in Alexa’s shareable routines, Amazon launched some routines with general tasks, which include playing music, displaying short messages and running podcasts. The feature is currently only available to users in the United States.


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