Alexa: 3 Amazon Virtual Assistant Compatible Products


Alexa: Having an integrated home is not only synonymous with comfort and practicality in the routine, but also safety, as the numerous features of this system allow full control from anywhere there is an internet connection and a tablet or smartphone. Furthermore, the voice recognition feature emerges to further optimize devices, ensuring greater freedom for users and creating versatile environments.

And talking about voice commands is talking about the Alexa virtual assistant, which is on the rise after the launch of several devices from the Amazon family, such as the smart speaker Echo Dot, and the announcement of numerous products with compatibility with the resource. With it, users can control the main equipment in the house, make calls, schedule events, discover news, listen to music, place orders in applications and much more, being a true facility of recent technologies.

So, find out below some of the main products compatible with Alexa and find out how to transform your home into an integrated and safe place for you and your family.

Smart Plug Slim I2GO Smart Socket

Compatible with 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi network connections, the I2GO’s smart socket has a power of 1000-2400W and a voltage of 100~240V to provide all the convenience and benefits in energy consumption for your home. The smart device allows full control via the app through voice assistants, enabling remote monitoring, scheduling of on/off times and consumption tracking in the free i2GO Home app.

Echo Dot 3rd Generation

With a minimalist format and able to be placed anywhere in the house, the Echo Dot 3rd generation is Amazon’s smart speaker that accompanies the user throughout his routine. Through voice commands, the owner can request news, listen to radios and music, ask trivia, schedule timers and alarms, order built-in devices to turn on or off, download skills from various categories on the website or app, and much more.

Smarteck Smart Switch

Available in models with 1 to 4 switches — including fan on option — Smarteck’s smart switch comes in a full-touch, “dark mode” style panel, where you can control your home’s lighting via voice control and app, from light activation to temperature levels. In addition, users can track energy consumption and activate timers, scheduling the device according to their preferred times.