Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez still trying to plan their wedding despite Covid-19


Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are determined to plan their deferred wedding between the coronavirus pandemic.

Alex Rodriguez told Entertainment Tonight on Monday (April 20th) that they were in contact to discuss new plans for their wedding.

“We had a meeting on Zoom,” said Rodriguez. “We somehow study what the next 12 months look like, and we have three or four different variations on how this might look.”

Wedding planning was not the only issue the team went through during its virtual session. He is looking forward to making plans for potential tour dates and movie concerts that may be affected by Pandemi.

Lopez previously explained to Ellen DeGeneres that she is not exactly sure what the couple will be with their upcoming marriage. “We are just in a holding model like the rest of the world,” she said. While the couple are hoping to walk through the corridor before no later than late, both are grateful for their safety and health at this difficult time.

“I think the most important thing for everyone is to practice great discipline and stay at home,” Rodriguez said on Monday. “We have to do this together… First of all, we are very grateful for being healthy. We are grateful for you to appreciate the little things in life and for everything we have. We are healthy and try to do our best. ”

“J.Lo wants to marry A-Rod shortly after things return to normal,” one source told us earlier this month, although her plans are still in the air right now.


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