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Alex Ovechkin has already scored a goal in several sports.

Ovechkin is widely regarded as the NHL’s all-time leading scorer, and he applied his skills in a football match.

He scored his first goal in his debut football match for Dynamo Moscow. It also came from his vaunted spot on the left side of the net.

Fans had fun comparing his usual goals in hockey with this goal in football.

“Obviously, the defenders left Ovechkin alone on the left side of the goal, and it’s not just hockey,” one fan tweeted.

“On the ice, on the field. Alex Ovechkin just knows how to score,” Sportsnet wrote.

“Lol, of course, he also scored from this point. Because it’s Ovechkin,” another fan tweeted.

All that was missing in this Ovechkin goal was Joe Beninati’s signature goal.