Alex Jones Says Sandy Hook Was Real on Second Day of Testimony


A lawyer for the parents of a 6-year-old child who died during an attack on a school is suing an InfoWars host for defamation after he lied about the attack being a hoax.

During a controversial cross-examination, Infowars host Alex Jones said he was dragged into a lie about the Sandy Hook shooting, and he admitted that the massacre was “100% real.”

Jones, who has repeatedly suggested that Sandy Hook was shooting a prank, said Wednesday that he was “lured” several times into telling about the incident, and he tried to correct himself and apologize to the victims, but his words were distorted by what he called “corporate media.” He said he now believes the attack happened.

“Especially since I met my parents,” he said on Wednesday. “It’s 100% real.”

The conspiracy theorist, whose trial is taking place in Austin, where his media company is based, said that he “got into a situation where I was basically portrayed as a person who runs around talking about Sandy Hook, who made money from Sandy Hook. who was obsessed with Sandy Hook when in those six years he made up less than 1/10 percent of what we covered.”

“It was frustrating then,” Jones said of the years after the Sandy Hook shooting. “Now it’s endless.”

Jones was sued by Scarlett Lewis and Neil Heslin, whose son Jesse was among the 20 children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012. Lewis and Heslin, both of whom testified on Tuesday, demanded that Jones pay $150 million for defamation and intentional harm. emotional distress. They are among several Sandy Hook families who have filed lawsuits against Jones, alleging that his claims that the attack was a hoax led to years of abuse from his followers.


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