Alejandro Garnacho Scored His First Goal for Manchester United.


Tonight Alejandro Garnacho made his second start for Manchester United against Real Sociedad.

And just sixteen minutes later he scored the first goal of his long career at Old Trafford.

David de Gea’s search ball led to a battle between Bruno Fernandez and his man, in which the former won the duel.

The ball subsequently landed on Cristiano Ronaldo, who made a precise pass an inch into Garnacho’s path.

The youngster needed a frenzied pace to get ahead of his marker, and he had fantastic control when he drove the ball on goal.

His marker remained close enough to put wide pressure on him, but the Argentine had the strength to hold it.

Even at an unfavorable angle, Garnacho managed to find the right finish.

His weaker left leg was needed, but that didn’t stop him from throwing it into the far corner.

The goalkeeper had no chance, as Garnacho, who lost his balance, found almost the only place in the goal that could lead to a goal.

In an important match in which United needed to win by a two-goal margin to top the group, Garnacho’s composure was astounding.

Fans hope that this goal will be the first of many for the young man.

Given its quality, there is every reason to believe that it will be so.


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