Alec Baldwin: Understand How The Scenic Weapon That Killed The Director Works


Alec Baldwin: This Friday morning (22), it was reported by Fox News that one person died and another was injured on the film set of the film Rust. According to police information, actor Alec Baldwin was using a scenographic weapon when he accidentally shot the victims. According to a spokesman for the actor, “there was an accident involving a misfire” of the “fake” weapon used in the recordings.

Widely used in Hollywood, scenographic weapons, also called “prop guns”, have been the subject of several controversies over the years. A similar failure on the set of Rust also killed actor Brandon Lee, son of Bruce Lee, during the filming of the movie “The Raven”.

How does a scenographic weapon work?

In short, the weapons used in film and series recordings are real and have a special certificate for studios to work with. The difference is in the bullet. An ordinary weapon is loaded with a cartridge of powder, which explodes and fires the projectile. On the recording sets, on the other hand, blank bullets are used, which guarantee the noise of the shot, but without firing anything.

In theater plays, most of the time, replicas with safety devices or even non-operable devices are used, in order to prevent situations like Baldwin’s. In the case of the actor, it is still unknown what could have caused the fatal shot. The situation will be investigated by the expertise.

Brandon Lee case

Remember that this is not the first time that a person has died from failures in stage weapons. The most famous case occurred when actor Michael Masse shot, also accidentally, shot and killed Brandon Lee, son of Bruce Lee, on the set of The Crow.

The scenographic weapon had been used with live ammunition during the recording of some scenes and part of a projectile ended up getting stuck in the barrel of the revolver. The detail went unnoticed during the cleaning and inspection of the weapon, which was fatal.


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