“Alchemy of Souls, Part 2” and “Red Ball” Soared to New Record Heights in The Audience Ratings


Saturday-Sunday dramas started the new year brightly!

On January 1, tvN’s popular fantasy drama starring Lee Jae-wook and Go Yoon-jung achieved the highest viewership ratings of its entire existence. According to Nielsen Korea, the 8th episode of “Alchemy of Souls, Part 2” received an average nationwide rating of 8.605%. This is 2.2% more than in the previous episode with a rating of 6.4%.

TV Chosun’s “Red Ball” also showed the highest rating, gaining 7.032 percent. The previous personal best of the drama was 6.1 percent, achieved by the 4th episode.

Meanwhile, KBS2’s “Three Brave Brothers and Sisters” had an average nationwide rating of 22.8%, which is slightly lower than the rating of the previous episode, which was 23.5%.

Congratulations to the actors and crew of “Alchemy of Souls 2” and “Red Ball”!


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