Albert Pujols named to the All-Star Game: MLB World Reaction


Albert Pujols is spending his last season in MLB for the St. Louis Cardinals and is playing as well as you would expect from a 42-year-old athlete. But baseball fans obviously want to send him to the All-Star Game.

On Friday, the Cardinals announced that Pujols had been selected to his 11th All-Star Game. This is his first selection for the All-Star Game since 2015 and only the second in more than a decade.

However, in terms of pure numbers, Pujols can hardly be called an All-Star. And the fans recognize this in many ways.

However, the wider MLB world seems happy that Pujols. Fans took to Twitter to congratulate Pujols on entering the game. Many are glad to see that he conducts the send-off in the best possible way:

Albert Pujols has a batting average of 0.200 and a hit percentage of 0.336 this year – both career lows. He has 25 hits in 125 games with 27 outs.

But Pujols was once the most dominant player in Major League Baseball. In his first 10 seasons, he played nine All-Star games and was the MVP three times.

Pujols helped the Cardinals win two World Series titles while earning NLCS MVP honors.

With over 3,300 hits and 683 home runs, Pujols will one day be a lock for the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

Will Albert Pujols be able to successfully perform at the All-Star Game this summer?