Albert Einstein will be on the world’s smallest coin

Switzerland announced on Thursday that it will produce the world’s smallest coin. Albert Einstein’s famous photograph will be on the smallest coin in the world. The money to be produced for collection is so small that a magnifying glass will be given with each coin.

Swissmint, the Swiss government, announced that they will produce the smallest coin in the world. Nobel Prize-winning physicist Albert Einstein will photograph the famous language on the collection money to be produced by Swissmint.

The money produced by Swissminmt will be 2.96 millimeters and only 0.063 grams. The money to be produced for collection purposes will be worth a quarter of a Swiss franc. However, the produced coin will be sold at a price of $ 205 (about 1220 TL). The collection money, in which Einstein’s sympathetic photograph will be printed, will be sold to the enthusiasts with a magnifying glass due to its small size.

Albert Einstein coin to be produced for collection, will be sold for $ 205
Swissmint is the government agency responsible for printing money in Switzerland. Swissmint prints money for collection purposes as well as official money printing.

The institution previously printed a coin with a photo of Swiss-born tennis star Roger Federer printed. Roger Federer’s commemorative coin, where a photo of a survivor was printed for the first time, was sold in December when it was released in December.



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