Is Alba Flores (La Casa de Papel) a couple or single?


Alba Flores is known for playing in La Casa de Papel. The young woman is discreet about her love life! The season 4 La Casa de Papel is available for several days on Netflix. Alba Flores wants to be very discreet about her romantic relationships.

It has already been a week since season 4 of La Casa de Papel came out. Fans were able to find the robbers after a year of waiting.

They were all anxious to see Nairobi, Tokyo, Rio and the other characters again. Especially since they all wanted to know the fate of Nairobi. Indeed, the young woman was shot by Alicia Sierra and she was between life and death.

Thus, season 4 of La Casa de Papel gives all the answers to fans on the fate of this character. However, it seems that this season has been cruel for Nairobi. Nairobi quickly won over fans in the series with her humor. Then, she is always energetic and in a good mood.

Fans of La Casa de Papel love Nairobi. However, they know little about Alba Flores. The actress of the series wants to be discreet about her romantic relationships. Thus, she does not share anything on social networks.

Her Instagram account remains professional and there are no photos of her in everyday life. However, Alba Flores has had a love story and it dates back to 2015.

Indeed, according to the media El Balon , Alba Flores would have gone out with Ondina Maldonado , a Spanish actress. At that time, the two stars were seen together very close in the streets of Madrid. However, they have never formalized anything.

Since then, it seems that Alba Flores is single. Indeed, she does not appear with anyone and she remains very discreet about her heart stories. Suffice to say, her love life still remains a big mystery.

So the actress did not find love in La Casa de Papel . On the contrary, Jaime Lorente has been dating Maria Pedraza since their meeting on the set.


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