Alaska Bush People: The bear shared a touching message on Father’s Day


It’s been more than a year since Bear Brown and the rest of the stars of “Bush People from Alaska” lost Billy Brown, but the king of extreme sports is trying to keep his memory alive by fasting on Father’s Day. The bear, whose second child is about to be born, is struggling to meet his father’s expectations. Every day is a learning experience that, according to the star, his father could be proud of.

Fans found out that Billy died back in February 2021 after a seizure. After starring in 12 seasons of “Bush People in Alaska,” the Wolf Pack was devastated by the loss and left to piece together the North Star Ranch. The bear was the first to announce the patriarch’s death and showed that Billy was an outstanding father, husband and grandfather who will be missed. Since then, the Bear has made a commitment to live up to his father’s name and become the best father he can be for his children.

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Over the weekend, Bear took to his Instagram to congratulate his father on Father’s Day. In the post, the Bear shared several family photos of Billy in his prime. In one photo, Billy is standing next to his beloved wife Ami Brown. At the same time, another showed a close-up selfie of a smiling father and son. The bear sent greetings to all the dads, noting that the day was hard for him because he missed his own father very much. The bear wrote: “Being a father is a great honor and privilege!”

Then the father shared that, although it is a little strange to be on the other side of the “daddy’s door”, it is easy for his son to be a parent. In the last photo, the Bear is walking hand in hand with his little son on the family mountain. Billy dreamed of generations of grandchildren working on the land like him, and it seems that the Bear is struggling to make this dream a reality. Raven Adams even hinted a few months ago that the couple plans to build their own house on the family land soon.

Bear and Raven recently shared with subscribers that they will become parents again. In a cute baby announcement, a couple and their son River put their hands on each other only to discover a positive pregnancy test. Despite the fact that the couple had recent problems after the Bear was arrested on charges of domestic violence, the stars of Alaskan Bush People are looking forward to their future and know that Billy will look out for them.