Alan Wake Remastered To Support DLSS On PC


Alan Wake Remastered: Expanding the list of games supporting DLSS technology, Nvidia announced that Alan Wake Remastered will also join this relationship along with Severed Steel.

As of this announcement, the number of titles for computers that allow the company’s video card owners to use this feature in order to increase the quality of their games goes beyond 100.

In the case of Alan Wake Remastered, it was said that DLSS offers a performance boost of up to two in 4K, which ensures that all GeForce RTX cards exceed 60 frames at maximum 4K settings with in-game feature active. Severed Steel allows the use of Ray Tracing and DLSS, also being able to double the performance on RTX model hardware.

Alan Wake Remastered will be released on October 5th, while Severed Steel has been available to the public since September 17th.


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