Alan Wake Remastered leaked on a website


A person who previously revealed Final Fantasy 7 Remake has now revealed the Alan Wake Remastered project.


Alan Wake games have managed to attract many users with different horror elements. Alan Wake also appears, especially in Control, a cosmic horror game. Both games, which have a nice background story, can leave you wondering all the time.

Alan Wake Remastered leaked on Rakuten site in Taiwan

Developed by Remedy Entertainment, Alan Wake has two games. The first game had a very interesting story. But the game debuted in 2010. Therefore, the coating quality is quite low. Also, there is no sound from Remedy for a long time. The studio is working on a sequel to Control and a new title called Condor.

It has not been leaked before that Remedy is working on Alan Wake Remastered. The studio seems pretty good at this. But Alan Wake Remastered versions appeared on the Rakuten site in Taiwan.

The person who revealed the information had previously found Final Fantasy 7 Remake on the Epic Games Store. Allegedly, an unannounced project emerged in the agreement between Remedy and Epic Games Publishing. This project could be the sequel to Alan Wake. Remedy announced in a press release in 2020 that it had signed an agreement with Epic Games.

In the agreement made, one big-budget game and one small-scale project would be worked on. The minor project is claimed to be the Alan Wake Remastered project. Assuming the remastered project is small, the next big-budget game could be Alan Wake 2.


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