Alan Wake 2 Could Be One Of The Highlights Of The Game Awards


Alan Wake 2: Geoff Keighley, organizer of The Game Awards, promised dozens of game reveals at the event, with some being as impactful as Elden Ring. Now, a new rumor indicates that one of these news may be the confirmation of Alan Wake 2.

The information comes from the Nate the Hate podcast, incorporated above (at 42m45s). The conversation had as one of the guests Jeff Grubb, who was the first to comment that Alan Wake 2 will be one of the great revelations of The Game Awards 2021.

After Grubb’s comment, the host himself emphasizes that he himself was going to talk about Alan Wake 2‘s participation in the event. In other words, they are two different game journalists bringing from their own sources the information that the game will be confirmed during the awards.

Nate the Hate goes further and comments on the remastering of the first Alan Wake, released this year by Epic Games. He says what most players expected – that the new edition of the classic was made to prepare players for the arrival of a sequel. Remember that Alan Wake Remaster was released on multiple platforms, and the old version of the game was exclusive to Xbox and PC.

Alan Wake 2 is also reportedly being produced by Epic, which should guarantee it will be a cross-platform title, as well as the remaster of the first game.