Alakama’s Animal Crossing New Horizons


We detail everything there is to know about Alakama and how to access dreams in other islands from Animal Crossing: New Horizons, for Switch.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons receives the second free summer update that brings several new features to the Nintendo title. Among others, we have the return of Alakama, the anteater that makes us be able to travel to other islands without the need for a Dodo code just by taking a nap on any bed. Below and as part of this complete guide we explain everything you have to know about this new feature that comes to the title for Switch.

How to access dreams from other islands thanks to Alakama

The first thing we should do is update the game to version 1.4.0, which should come out automatically when trying to start the application and have the console connected to the Internet. When we access the game we should have received a letter from Alakama in which he gives us a special bed. However, it is not necessary to lie down in it to start the astral journey to other islands, but any bed will be worth us. For them, we do the test and stretch on a bed in our home to be asked if we want to take a nap to which we must answer “Yes, I am sleepy.”

After entering the dream world and talking to Alakama, who will explain the basic concepts of this function, we can select one of the following options:

  • I want to dream: it allows us to travel to other islands that users from all over the world have posted online through this new dream house system. We need a dream number that begins with “DA”, so we must do an internet search to find the island we want to visit and travel to it through dreams (and a strong Internet connection)
  • I want to share a dream: as its name indicates, we will be able to share our town online so that other random users access and visit it, or point to keep in mind that they will not be able to damage any property or steal anything, so upload it to the network it will not have a negative impact on us.
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Explained this little more must be added, since this system will not have rewards beyond being able to visit interesting islands around the world or even those of our friends. In addition, once we are there we will be able to see the personalized clothing designs that this player has created to take some souvenirs home, as well as a few decoration ideas to improve our island.


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