Al Michaels is very clear about his thoughts on Kirk Herbstreit


Veteran TV hosts Al Michaels and Kirk Herbstreit are the newest duo on the NFL stands.

The pair will take a seat on the first season of Amazon Football Night Football, which will begin with the Chargers-Chiefs matchup next week.

This summer, Michaels and Herbstreit got together to broadcast a preseason game.

“What we did was 6 days before the Los Angeles Rams played the Texans at SoFi,” Michaels said during a recent interview with Jimmy Train of Sports Illustrated. “We made a TV show that got on a real tape recorder. He never left the air. We wanted to assemble a film crew, from top to bottom, all the cameramen, all the tape operators, all the support people who do any job imaginable in this series, I would say from 90 to 100 people, and how will it work? . And we started making the game, and immediately I felt very comfortable with Kirk.”

It didn’t take long for Michaels to develop chemistry with his new colleague.

“By the end of the first quarter, I said, ‘This is really working really well,’ and then we played 3 1/2 quarters that night. We didn’t finish the game because we said, “Hey, this is going to work.” We went to Houston to play a real game—a preseason game, anyway—that aired, and it was very, very comfortable.”

Even though he didn’t know Herbstreit before their performance in April, Michaels feels they are more than ready for the first broadcast of the season next Thursday.

“I don’t want to say that I was shocked by this, but I was very pleasantly surprised,” he said. “…I feel very comfortable going to the Chargers-Chiefs game next week.”


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