Al Horford’s Sister’s Comment About Raymond Green Goes Viral


Warriors forward Draymond Green made a career playing on the edge of the game as an anchor of defense and a pest of Golden State.

And during the second game of the NBA Finals, the sister of Celtics bigman Al Horford posted a tweet calling for the four-time All-Star contestant.

“If Draymond can’t beat an opponent, he just resorts to dirty play,” said Anna Horford.

The post quickly went viral on NBA Twitter.

“Thoughts on this play?” A Dubs fan asked.

“Your brother looked like a local janitor today, remove it.”

“Full review of Al Horford’s second game,” the Warriors fan account replied.

“You literally have Smart on your team,” said another. “This story is becoming outdated.”

“This is the new Ayesha Curry of 2016.”

“Dray is an absolute DAWG, anyone would love to have him on their team,” another commented.

“So you’re one of those, huh?”

Draymond Green got under the Celtics’ skin early in the game with first-quarter technology before dealing with Jaylen Brown a bit later in the game.

Unfortunately for Boston, Al Horford on offense disappeared in the second game. Scoring just two points in four attempts.