Akun reported good news: the Champions League matches were free!


Thanks to a new campaign launched by Exxen, Champions League matches can be watched for free. Here are the details…

Acun Ilıcalı’s Exxen digital content platform upset its users with a jump that occurred at the end of August last year. But to date, the company has launched a campaign that will make everyone happy. During this period, Champions League matches can be watched for free on Exxen.

How to watch a Champions League match with Exxen for free?

Exxen has actually entered our lives as a platform similar to Netflix and BluTV. However, after Acun Ilıcalı bought the rights to broadcast football matches, it provides services with two different main packages, one of which is sports.

These packages are divided into 4 monthly and annual subscriptions, with and without advertising. So far, newly registered people have been offered a trial package for just 1 TL for the first 7 days. But at the moment, anyone who opens a new membership will be able to use it for free for the first 5 days.

Thus, you can watch Champions League matches for free for the next 5 days, including today’s matches. Here are today’s matches:

Marseille – Sporting Lisbon 19.45
Bayern Munich – Viktoria Plzen 19.45
Liverpool – Rangers 22:00
Inter-Barcelona 22:00
Porto – Leverkusen 22:00
Eintracht Frankfurt – Tottenham 22:00
Club Brugge – Atletico Madrid 22.00
Ajax – Naples 22.00

Exxen Subscription Prices:

Advertised membership in Exxen — monthly — 39.90 Turkish liras
Advertised membership in Exxen — Annual — 33.50 TL x 12
Membership in Exxen without advertising – monthly – 54.90 Turkish liras
Membership in Exxen without advertising — annually — 45.90 Turkish lira x 12
Advertised membership in ExxenSpor – monthly – 119.90 Turkish liras
Advertised membership in ExxenSpor – annually – 94.90 Turkish Lira x 12
Membership in ExxenSpor without advertising – monthly – 134.90 Turkish liras
Membership in ExxenSpor without advertising — annually — 107.30 Turkish lira x 12

How to become an Exxen member?

First of all, log in to the Exxen website by clicking here.
Then write your information in the first name, last name and email addresses sections that you see on the main page and click the subscribe button.
Then come up with a password, enter your phone number and mark the “I accept the agreement” button as selected and click “Continue”.
The password will be sent to you by phone or email for the verification process. However, if you wish, you can skip this step.
Choose a standard subscription or sports package that suits you and click on the payment step.
Complete the payment by entering the card details in the last step.


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