Akon Consideres Being Vice President of Kanye West in Presidential Election 2024


While some laugh, others take Kanye West seriously. After hearing about how Akon would like to run against the rapper in the 2024 US presidential election, the singer told TMZ that he supports West’s candidacy for the US presidency in 2024 and even volunteered for the post of Vice President. . It will be?

According to Akon, Kanye would need someone who supports him but who can offer other points of view. “This is not about competition. He has his positions, I have mine. Working together, we can provide the most complete picture of what the American people need, ”says Akon in the video posted by the site.

It may sound insane, but Akon has extensive philanthropic work in Africa, which brings experience in meeting people’s needs and solving them. In 2014, he started the “Akon Lighting Africa” project, which brings electricity to 15 countries.

Kanye spoke again about the possibility of applying earlier this month during an event in New York. Raising audience laughter at the subject, the rapper replied, “What are you laughing at?”, Saying that he will create many jobs and has gained experience to run for political office with his work on the Yeezy brand.


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