AKG N400 Introduced Wireless Headphones Up To 12 Hours Of Music Enjoyment With One Charge


Sound equipment manufacturer AKG, one of the subsidiaries of Harman under the umbrella of South Korean technology giant Samsung Electronics, introduced the new wireless headset model AKG N400. With active noise canceling, the headphones promise up to 12 hours of music enjoyment on a single charge.

AKG, a manufacturer of premium audio products from Samsung’s subsidiaries, unveiled the new wireless headset model AKG N400 just weeks after the launch of the Galaxy Buds +. The new earbuds of the Austrian brand come with active noise canceling technology that ensures you are not affected by wind and other unwanted sounds.

With its wireless charging support, AKG N400 can be fully charged in 2 hours. On the other hand, in Qi certified fast charging mode, 10 minutes will be enough to get 1 hour of battery life. Promising up to 12 hours of music enjoyment on a single charge, the product supports voice assistants like Bixby, Google Assistant and Siri. Just touch the right earpiece for 2 seconds to activate this function.

Thanks to its IPX7 certification, the AKG N400, which can last up to 30 minutes in 1 meter of water, also comes with an IPX3 rating that provides resistance to water jets up to 60 degrees.

Samsung has officially released the AKG N400 on its official website in South Korea. It is not yet clear when the headphones in question will sail to countries other than South Korea. While the Samsung Galaxy Buds + is being sold for $ 150, a price tag of $ 190 has been set in South Korea for the new AKG headphones.

AKG N400, which has three different color options as Black, Blue and Silver, is in a much more advantageous position against its remote cousin Galaxy Buds +, which does not have active noise cancellation, despite its price.


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