Aislinn and Aitana Derbez, their incredible similarity


If we talk about dominant genes, those of Eugenio Derbez take the number one position. Without need to mention, the resemblance between the comedian and his four children is incredible, something that has always attracted attention in his life.

In recent years, those who have lived together the most are Aislinn and Aitana Derbez. The closeness of both has become a difficult bond to break, who also like to share stories, photos and anecdotes on their social networks.

And on this occasion, Instagram was the witness of the similarities between the “princesses” of the actor’s family. In an image that Aislinn uploaded to his personal account, both are seen in black and white, as well as another color postcard, looking identical!

The age difference, which is vast, since she is 33 and Aitana is six, was not an impediment so that, when comparing the features of both, it seemed that they were cloned. “It is rumored that we look alike”, was what the actress also wrote in her caption, in both images smiling and doing the same poses.

This is not the only comparison that Mauricio Ochmann’s ex-partner has made. A few months ago she published some images changed with the FaceApp application, where she used a filter to emulate being a man. In all of them he seems the same person and the similarities with José Eduardo and Vadhir are extremely similar.

“Well, I don’t know what you think, but I say I’m fine, Disney prince level daddy.

“I even want to meet him, swipe and see that, indeed, all Derbez are the same. It depends on the angle or how we wake up, we look more like one or the other, what’s up with @ederbez’s genes, can you explain? “


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