AirTags will have a function to prevent their tracking


One of the most anticipated gadgets from Apple will have its own function to prevent unwanted monitoring. Apple has missed a few devices this year. At least he takes his time because he is not in a hurry to launch them and the rest of the devices have their priority.

One of these novelties is its tracking device which it has called AirTag, a device that allows you to find something that is close to it and lacks electronic devices. However, there are many doubts about the privacy of this device, but we already know more details about the device.

More careful with the locations of the AirTags

AirTags have not yet hit the market. In fact, they have not even been officially presented and there are many unknowns that surround them. One of them is the design, which everything indicates that it will follow the line of Apple devices in terms of simplicity and cleanliness. But this is not the most important thing, or at least it is not as important as its operation.

By now it is known that the idea of ​​the Cupertino is to have a device similar to those offered by Tile. This company has a series of small electronic tags that can be attached to keys, carried on the letter or placed in one of the pockets of the bag with the purpose of finding them if they are lost. It’s essentially a non-electronic item locator, but there is a bad part to that: privacy.

The bitten apple has made an effort to promote one of the safest systems on the market, but now there are many doubts with its new devices. And is that some think that it can be used to track an object or person in order to know its location. This poses a serious problem, but it seems the company has thought about it.

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And is that according to Appleinsider the firm has already thought about this. In the beta of iOS 14.3, which appeared and disappeared yesterday, a piece of code was put that revealed some important information: AirTags have a visible serial number and your mobile will warn you that you have an unknown AirTag in your possession.

The electronic tags have to be linked to a mobile and this is the only one that can know the location of this. Therefore, if the mobile tracks this unknown device, it will warn you and also tell you what to do. In this case, it may be a serious violation of your privacy, so they will recommend that you contact the police so they can help you locate the person who placed it on you and thus avoid a greater evil.


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